mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010


If I think how it might be the home of a girl who makes chocolate, I think it could be like this....choco-enjoy!! :D

martedì 21 dicembre 2010

Air Mail

This in my interpretation of the topic "Mail" on ....Enjoy it!!!

venerdì 10 dicembre 2010

Merry Monster Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner....This is only a fast sketch.
I hope that I can render it before Christmas..
Enjoy!! Bye!!

lunedì 22 novembre 2010


This is another old drawing, a submission for .....see you!!!

domenica 21 novembre 2010

Sleeping Dragon

Another old drawing, a blue sleeping dragon over the clouds....


....enjoy!! See You!!!

venerdì 19 novembre 2010

Monster under the bed!

This is an old digital drawing... 
...enjoy it!! :D

giovedì 18 novembre 2010

First post and first sketch

Hi guys!! This is my first post and my first sketch...Introducing myself:
I'm 23 years old, I come from Italy and I want to become a Illustrator. In this time I study as self taught, reading tutorial, book of arts and other inspiring things.
My first sketch is about young Robin Hood....I hope you enjoy it!! In the next day I will color and post it but I also post other drawing!
See you soon!! :D