giovedì 25 agosto 2011

Add light & shadow (Mini-treasure)

Mini-treasure proceeds

Mini treasure: sketch

When I think about a pirate, I imagine a big, rude and awful man in search of a big and rare treasure. But what happens if they find a little treasure with a priceless content?? That's my result, it's only a sketch but I hope you like it!! In the next day I'll post a better render. Enjoy!!

martedì 23 agosto 2011

Learn from the master: sketch

There's a blog that I follow every day: Justin Gerard Blog is the most mind-blowing blog that I ever seen. He's a great artist and I have learned much from him.
There is an image that caught my attention: it is a photo of Saint Marc made by a sculptor named Jean Baptiste Gustave Deloye (from the blog of Justin Gerard). I could not resist to make a sketch of this sculpture and that's the result:

I hope you like it! Enjoy!!